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LifeTech® Ultrafines

Appearance: An odorless, white powder. Lithium carbonate based admixture. Application: LifeTech ultrafines is the finest of the LifeTech grades of lithium carbonate available from Livent. Because of its fine particle size and narrow particle size distribution, this product has been chosen as the grade of choice where reactivity and performance are based on the surface area of the lithium carbonate particles providing controllable, uniform and predictable rates of reaction. Since it is the finest of the grades, it is also the most reactive in these situations. If a slower reaction is desired, the other LifeTech grades should be evaluated in use. LifeTech ultrafines is a chemical admixture that can be used to adjust and accelerate the setting time of cementitious systems such as high-alumina cements (HAC) and aluminaportland cement blends. The unique properties of LifeTech ultrafines have made this product the grade of lithium carbonate of choice in a number of other applications such as in manufacture of ceramics, welding rods, refractory materials, and specialty glasses.

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