Longer flying ranges and greater payloads.

Livent’s lithium products enable planes and rockets to use lighter and stronger alloys in their primary aerostructure.


Livent is advancing the field of aviation through lithium applications that enable planes and rockets—through the use of lighter and stronger alloys in their aerostructures—to fly longer distances, carry more payload, and be more fuel efficient. We are the only high-purity lithium metal producer in the Western Hemisphere and have a history of reliability and consistency of supply.

Our customers value and trust Livent’s expertise and close collaboration. For aerospace alloys used in business jets, the largest commercial aircrafts, rockets, and military jets, our lithium products deliver strength, durability, and corrosion resistance.



Electrochemical grade lithium ingot, custom made to your diameter and length requirements within Livent's extensive capability, is used as the anode in lithium batteries.

Certified Quality

We are the trusted leader in the production of lithium metal of the highest purity, and we’ve partnered with leading manufacturers of aerospace alloys.

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