Livent is the lithium provider that helps improve a wide range of industrial applications.

From space suits to submarines, from concrete to air filtration, from dyes to ceramics, glass and metallurgy, and beyond.


Livent’s lithium products help improve end product properties in a large variety of sectors. And our technical support is helping to change the face of emerging applications such as semiconductor chips for use in a wide range of electronics.

For glass and ceramics, adding lithium lowers the melting point, making the manufacturing more energy efficient. For concrete, it slows the deterioration process, cutting the cost of maintenance and increasing life. For astronauts and submarines, it lowers carbon dioxide levels in space suits and under water vehicles. And for air treatment, it dehumidifies or acts as a cooling medium.



A free-flowing, granular solid well suited for use in the manufacture of lithium greases, dyes, specialty resins and many other chemical specialties.

Certified Quality

We recognize that quality is one of the foundations of our success. We are committed to manufacturing and delivering products and services of the highest possible quality that consistently meet the requirements of our customers and applicable statutory and regulatory requirements.

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