Livent’s lithium hydroxide is added to lithium simple and complex greases, making it ideal for a wide spectrum of lubrication uses.


Lithium grease products now lubricate the modern planes, trains, and automobiles that get us from here to there. Our lithium hydroxide is a key ingredient of lithium greases, which are extremely versatile and help machinery work more efficiently. From mining equipment to jet engines, from tractors to assembly lines, if there’s a machine, Livent lithium can help it run better.

Reliable and flexible, Livent is an important partner in the high-performance lithium grease market. Our client relationships have been built over eight decades, resulting in a consistent high-quality and secure supply of lithium hydroxide.


Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate, Technical Grade

A free-flowing, granular solid well suited for use in the manufacture of lithium greases, dyes, specialty resins and many other chemical specialties.

Certified Quality

Livent’s lithium hydroxide is used in grease applications ranging from agriculture to mining to manufacturing to transportation and beyond, spanning a spectrum of uses and industries.

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