Livent is working to fulfill the promise of green energy.

With Performance Lithium compounds—lithium hydroxide, high-purity lithium metal—that enable energy-dense and longer-lasting batteries.


If it can help electric cars go farther, give us access to solar and wind energy even on cloudy windless days, make batteries of portable electronics last longer, or finally make flying cars a reality, we’re helping develop it. To better connect people and commerce through improved battery power and energy, we continually test, innovate, and enhance our product offerings to develop transformative solutions.


Lithium Hydroxide Monohydrate, Battery Grade

High-purity product suitable for use in production of cathode materials for lithium ion batteries, low-noise lubricating greases and other fine chemical formulations.


Experts forecast demand for performance lithium compounds to grow exponentially in order to power the growing demand for electric vehicles."

Thomas Schneberger

Chief Operating Officer

Prepared on October 10, 2018. Information presented may not be accurate as of any subsequent date, and Livent disclaims any duty to update such information.

Livent’s Center for Lithium Energy Advanced Research (CLEAR) Lab is the world’s only lithium facility that works in concert with customers to develop new products and applications. This gives us unique understanding of business needs, and empowers us to continually be at the forefront of technological advances.

Certified Quality

Increasingly, the demand is to do more with less. To truly realize green energy solutions, we enable energy-dense battery materials.

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