Pharmaceuticals & Agrochemicals

Livent’s lithium products are a key ingredient in a number of life-saving and life-improving medicines as well as an aide in crop protection chemistries.


We help our customers save and improve people’s lives. Our butyllithium hexyllithium, and other organolithium products are a critical component of medicines for treating heart disease—cholesterol and hypertension, obesity, HIV, and more. Livent’s pharmaceutical-grade carbonate helps stabilize moods, decreasing emotional swings and addressing serious mental health issues.

Livent works closely with major agrochemical companies in creating and aiding in developing herbicides and fungicides that allow the farmers to improve their product and crop yields. Butyllithium is a key synthesizing material that allows for premium agriculture chemical formulations to be used in a safe manner.

We work closely with many well-known international companies and their respective brands including generic pharmaceutical manufacturing companies. By providing key high-quality materials, we help make life healthier and happier for millions of people all over the world.



n-Butyllithium (NBL) is a very strong base, exceedingly useful in organic synthesis. NBL has found particular utility in deprotonation and metal-halogen exchange reactions. NBL is also a very effective initiator of anionic polymerization of styrene and conjugated dienes. The synthesis of solution SBR and of styrenic thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs), in particular, is facilitated by NBL. References: The Chemistry of Organolithium Compounds, ed. Zvi Rappoport and Ilan Marek, Wiley, 2004, West Sussex, England.

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Livent partners with major players in pharmaceutical manufacturing to treat millions of people the world-over.

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