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Stabilized Lithium Metal Powder – SLMP®

Lectro® Max Powder (SLMP®) enables a new generation of Li-ion batteries by providing an independent source for lithium, which opens up choices for both anode and cathode materials. Introducing lithium in a stabilized powder form with the anode host material, such as Si and Sn-based, to form a lithium-ion system leads to a higher energy battery with more efficient utilization of lithium. Using non-lithium providing cathodes like manganese, vanadium or other metal oxides and metal fluorides that are more overcharge tolerant and potentially have lower costs, leads to safer and cheaper batteries. When used in combination, these materials can potentially double the energy density of the current lithium-ion battery. Lectro® Max Powder (SLMP®) could be used to replace thin lithium foil applications and in Fusion Research Devices to improve plasma performance.

Markets: Energy Storage & Battery Systems
CAS #: 7439-93-2

tert-Butyllithium (TBL) in Heptane

This formulation of t-Butyllithium in Heptane, while still pyrophoric, has a significantly higher flash point than the traditional pentane formulation. TBL is particularly useful in lithium-halogen exchange reactions. TBL can be used as a strong base in organic synthesis. TBL is more reactive than the t-butyl Grignard reagent in nucleophilic additions to carbonyl and nitrile substrates. TBL is also useful in the displacement of halide or alkoxide ligands of inorganic compounds, such as Phosphorus, Silicon, Tin, and Titanium. References: The Chemistry of Organolithium Compounds, ed. Zvi Rappoport and Ilan Marek, Wiley, 2004, West Sussex, England.

Markets: Polymers Pharmaceuticals & Agrochemicals
CAS #: 594-19-4