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​​​​​​​The Livent Research and Development (R&D) team reached an important milestone for LIOVIX® validation and scalability.  LIOVIX® is a unique printable formulation of lithium metal and other specialty materials which allows lithium to be deposited onto a substrate in a safe and controlled manner.

First, the R&D team (with the support of the manufacturing and engineering teams) successfully installed and commissioned a roll-to-roll coater at the CLEAR Lab in Bessemer City, NC.  This allows for further testing and validation of LIOVIX® in equipment commonly used in Lithium-Ion battery production.

Then in July, a strategic customer visited the CLEAR Lab in Bessemer City, NC, to further validate LIOVIX® in the newly installed roll-to-roll coater.  The customer reported that LIOVIX® could be incorporated into their production processes, using conventional industrial equipment.

“This is a big milestone for us,” said Marina Yakovleva, ​​​​​​​Director of R&D and New Business Development.  “I was very pleased to see the results and very proud of my team.  This gives us the confidence to engage with more customers and help them scale up next-generation battery technologies using LIOVIX® in their production.”

To learn more about LIOVIX®, visit or check out this informational sheet (Read the informational sheet in Chinese here).

The R&D team together with the customer inspects thin lithium film produced using LIOVIX® technology through a microscope.

Roll-to-Roll Coater up and running at the CLEAR Lab in Bessemer City, NC.

LIOVIX® can be printed at different widths depending on the printer head. Here is a 50mm coating on copper foil.